SONY MetreonSFO Boarding Areas A and G

SONY Metreon

As a member of the construction management team, FMG provided personnel to the building project manager and the specialized stakeholders, including Sony, Disney Imagineering, and Lowes Theaters. Working on a very tight schedule, FMG was readily called upon to provide job-site solutions to relatively difficult situations that included the installation of unique technical equipment. FMG also assisted in the management of…
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SFO Boarding Areas A and G

FMG provided architectural construction management services as a subconsultant to the prime contractor for International Concourses A and G. The firm also performed a formal peer review and constructability analysis of the architectural design documents for concourse A. The dramatic, voluminous spaces that accommodate several passenger amenities including waiting and boarding areas, presented construction challenges. FMG provided on-site services, including support for…
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